Behavioral Health Clinic

Psychocomicology is the study of all things connected between comic books and their psychological significance  to people and society”
- Dr. Edgar Ramos, Psy.D & Dr. Joseph Serrano, Psy. D

Our Purpose: 

We seek to create and include the concept of Psychocomicology as a legitimate field of study. 

In combining our interests for clinical psychology and comic books, we wish to create a safe space for understanding, discussing, and sharing the psychological relevance of comic culture and how it applies to our daily lives.  

We have presented at various public events and comic conventions on a variety of topics related to comic books and psychology. If you have the opportunity to attend one of our public presentations, you will see that our love and passion for comic books drive us, but our clinical backgrounds challenge us to deeply understand why comics mean so much to so many. We explore various factors of comics and comic genres, ultimately leading us to examine the psychological factors, dynamics, and possibilities in comic culture.

We invite you to join us at our next presentation as we provide a very personal, yet informative clinical journey of understanding life and behavior through comic books and comic characters. 

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