Your First Appointment, 

To schedule an intake, please call(708) 789-5669 or email usat You will be asked to have your insurance and basic demographical information ready. A trained individual will guide you through this process. Once this information is collected, a clinician who is best suited for you individualized care will reach out to schedule the first intake session. 

The focus of the intake session is to understand the reasoning for seeking treatment. This can include current problems, a history of presenting concerns, and previous developmental, social, and emotional functioning. This session is usually 60 minutes. 

Parents or guardians are also asked to bring in any previous evaluations regarding academic and psychological evaluations. This may include information such as the child's Individual Education Program (IEP) or other well being or behavior evaluations conducted at a psychiatric or behavioral hospital. 

After the initial intake is conducted, the clinician will work with you on scheduling your next appointment.

Behavioral Health Clinic